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It´s not a touristy municipality, and is so far from the city center. It is surrounded by La Lisa, Marianao and Arroyo Naranjo municipalities. The most important avenue in this municipality is Avenue Independencia, known as Avenue Rancho Boyeros. In Boyeros municipality we can find some educational centers as : The University City "José Antonio Echevarria" (CUJAE) for technical subjects, there students become engineers of all the specialities and architects; the Tecnological institutes : "José Martí" of constructions, "Eduardo García Delgado" of electronics, "Julio A. Mella" of Norms and Metrology, and others; the Vocational School "Vladimir Ilich Lenin" nowadays high school.

Terminal 3. Clic for DetailsIn this municipality we can find the International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional) "Jose Marti", with 3 terminals : The Terminal 1 for national trips; the Terminal 2 mainly for travel from or to United States; and the Terminal 3 the International Terminal.


Other Photos of National Zoo


:In the recreative places we can find

The National Zoo (Zoologico Nacional), where some animals are not in jails and you can see its from a transport;




and Animals and Agricultural Fair (Feria Agropecuaria) of Boyeros where annually are expositions of cattle, porcine, bovine, and rodeo.

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BOYEROS MUNICIPALITY. Private Houses for Rent
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