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Pinar del Rio is the most Cuban´s west province and it is virtually surrounded by the blue, warm and affectionate sea. It´s diverse geography, where we can find mountains and valleys, make from this spectacular region an ideal place for the people who love the nature. The characteristic of this province are the Mogotes of Sierra de los Organos, which can not be appreciate in any other region in Cuba and in only few places in the world; combine with Viñales Valley a place of an impressive beauty and the Rosario mountain range, a Biosphere World Reservation, where we can find the "Guajaibon Bread" (699 meters on the sea level), the highest point in the Cuban west region. Between the mountains we can find the named "holes", little spaces of fertile earth where the world's finest black tobacco leaf is grown.

The tobacco leaves from Pinar del Rio are very important in the manufacturing of the most famous cuban cigars, for example, Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta.

Pinar del Rio Province has the following Municipalities :

Pinar del Río, Consolacion del Sur, Candelaria, San Luis, San Cristobal, Los Palacios, San Juan y Martinez, Mantua, La Palma, Bahia Honda, Viñales, Guane and Minas de Matahambre.

The City of Pinar del Rio is the provintial capital and is 112 Miles (180 Km) from Havana, this city exhibits ancient colonial mansions with a very peculiar seal, with portals and columns of great variety. Because of that the city is known as "the city of the portals".

These tourists attractions are principally concentrated in "Valle de Viñales" one of the most beautiful natural scenerys in Cuba, with has achieved the status of a Natural National Monument and located in an area of 132 sq. km in the "Sierra de los Organos", is surounded by imposing round-topped mountains.

Valle de Viñales. Click for Details Valle de Viñales. Click for Details Valle de Viñales. Click for Details

Throughout the length and breath of Viñales there are natural paths for those who are interested in observing more carefully the exuberant flora and fauna, to which one adds the systems of caves and caverns such as Palmarito, El Indio and Santo Tomas, the last one considered the largest in the Antilles which is about 45 km. El Abra del Ancon, la Sierra del Infierno, el Valle de las Dos Hermanas, El Hoyo de Jaruco and el Valle de San Vicente are counted as plantations which grow some of the best tobacco in the world. Moreover, in the botanical gardens of Caridad and in the rural community of Los Acuaticos the inhabitants cure all diseases with water.

In the oriental limits of the Guaniguanico Mountain Ranges the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra del Rosario is located in which are found 800 species of plants, 34% of which are endemic to Cuba and the remaining species which inhabit the island. In addition one encounters "el zunzun or pajaro mosca", famous for being the smallest bird in the world, together with "tocororo" and "pajaro carpintero". In this zone one discovers Soroa, the cradle of the main (orchidry) in Cuba, in which 750 varieties - 250 of them indigineous- eagerly await visitors with a kaleidoscope of colors and a perfumery of aroma. Additionally Soroa offers an observatory, lush, overgrown paths through which one could locate different animals and plants species, river tours, springs with their famous waterfalls, and baths in its medical pools, complemented by its access to the old ruins of french coffee plantations.

Rosario Mountains contain Las Terrazas Tourists Complex with the Moca Hotel and the Terrazas Comunity dominated by amaizing landscapes, more than 800 species of plant life and 73 types of birds in a protected area with the endemic epecies achieve a high index of existence and the surrounding areas contain thermal baths -sulphur and the natural springs-, waterfalls and springs of the San Juan River, campsides, paths and routes.

In the most westerly part of Pinar del Río, is the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes, which marks the limits of the island, in which is found the national park with the same name and the natural reserves "El Veral" and "Cabo Corrientes", in which numerous caves and archeological remains and a coral reef in perfect condition, ideal for diving is found. In that zone the Maria La Gorda International Diving Center favors the practice of acuatic sports, where 8 km of fine cream-colored sand and the cool calm cristal waters of the beach with the same name tell of the legend of a corpulent woman called Maria, which was taken there from Venezuela by a band of pirates who kidnapped her and afterwards left her on this strip of land.

Located in the south coast, inside one of the greater forest park in Cuba, It could be find the International Center of Diving Maria la Gorda. This place, considered one of the best place of diving in the island, have a clear water beach with marvelous and peaceful bottom submarine.

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