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Its geography combines the mountain relief, the valley and the beaches. Sancti Spiritus is located practically in the middle of the island, nearby to the west with Villa Clara and Cienfuegos provinces and to the east with Ciego de Avila province. The water of the Bahamas' Canal bathes its northern coast and in the southern region the Caribbean sea had shaped nice warm beaches, sunny during the whole year.

Sierra del Escambray. Clic to See other photosVery close to Trinidad, in the mountain range of Escambray (Sierra del Escambray), you can find Topes de Collantes, a place that exhibits its ferocious nature and a special microclimate. An ideal place for health tourism because there is the main facility for tourism health of the country. Over its impressive landscape, you see the Caburni river and its spectacular waterfall of 65 meters high, which offers to the zone a particular attractive.

This province offers, moreover others attractives, with two of the first villages founded in XVI century by the spaniards conquers : Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad villages.

Sancti Spiritus province, with its traditional economy based on the production of sugar cane and the tobacco, now adds successfully the tourism, that becomes it in a pleasent host for the persons of the world searching health, rest and distraction in its beaches and mountains.

Sancti Spiritus Province has the following Municipalities :

Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad, Fomento, Jatibonico, Cabaiguan, Taguasco, La Sierpe and Yaguajay.

Sancti Spiritus city, capital of the province, was settled around a little group of houses, a church and a beatiful paved square that today compose the historical center, and after that it grew and became a beatiful city.

More information about Sancti Spiritus city and province

Click to see Trinidad City photosLocated in the province of Sancti Spiritus can be found Trinidad. Its architectonic beauty, combined with the lathed wood, difficult works of smithy, walls amazing decorated by hands, inner yard, traditional and ancestral legends and paved streets, characterize Trinidad, the Cuban museum city, a place inhabited by people that make from the preservation of the beauty their reason of live. This colonial pearl, preserved with care by cuban people, was considered by UNESCO a Humanity Heritage since 1988.

Click to see Trinidad City photosFounded by the conquer Diego Velazquez in 1514, the city became a place of marked economical and cultural opulence, which had a great influence in the architecture, as an expression of the social status of a rich social class. Here there are great hotels and residences, which show the notable baroque and neoclassical influence.

Trinidad invites to know the Valley (Valle de los Ingenios). Today it´s a natural and archeological reserve, scene of the economical enrichment of the city. There were more than 50 sugar factories, which in one year achieved the biggest sugar cane production for its time.

In the south, at the Ancon peninsula, 12 km far from Trinidad, bathed by the caribbean sea waters, there is the best beach from the south coast of the country, Ancon Beach. Here you can practice every kind of nautical sports and see the marine bottom with an incomparable beauty.

Ancon Beach. Click to see Details Ancon Beach. Click to see Details

Views of Trinidad Historic Part (Casco Historico)

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