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Five Questions about Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

After all those years passed, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was not forgotten. People keep asking the questions about the place. Fortunately, what happened in the Soviet Ukraine on April 26, 1986, is no longer a secret.

Is Chernobyl the biggest-ever nuclear disaster?

The 1986 nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is often viewed as the worst nuclear accident in history. This is all most people know about it. No details. No facts.

According to the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES), all nuclear events are classified on a scale of zero to seven. These can be accidents, incidents and anomalies. Level seven is viewed as a "major accident", associated with the major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects. Similar to the Chernobyl disaster, the Fukushima case has also been have categorized at the level of seven. Although the events followed the Chernobyl disaster made it into the worst of its kind.

Are there mutants living in the exclusion zone?

The organizers of tours to Chernobyl from Kiev often use this trick to attract more visitors. After all, many people are dreaming about seeing some creepy stuff, and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the perfect place for that. Computer games, horror films, and books have contributed to multiple myths. Meanwhile, experts say that the influence of ionizing radiation may cause the body restructuration. But this process is mainly associated with the reduction of an organism's viability. Those animals that live in Chernobyl and its surroundings may have disabilities but nothing more than that.

Has nature reclaimed the place of the disaster?

Amazingly, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has become a "natural paradise." If you visit the place, you will notice that nature has recovered from the nuclear disaster. Of course, there are some nuances. In reality, biologists say that there are not many species of insects, birds and mammals compared to the state before the disaster. The fact that some endangered species are living in the exclusion zone is truth. There has been a considerable increase in the mortality rate and a reduced life expectancy in the animal population.

Is it safe for tourists to visit Chernobyl?

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a magnet for disaster tourists. After the success of the HBO miniseries Chernobyl in 2019, the number of annual visitors doubled up. Finding wycieczka do czarnobyla PL is not a problem at all. The tours are organized by professional guides who know the area, know the conditions, and know the history. It makes this kind of experience absolutely safe.

The Chernobyl Nuaclear Plant is a closed zone, but a 30-kilometer radius surrounding the plant is not as dangerous as people think. In addition, you won’t go there without the special equipment that measures the radiation level. While some of the radioactive isotopes released into the air still linger, they are at reasonable exposure levels for short period of time.

Are there people living in the area?

Chernobyl is closed, being the “ghost” city . But it’s not so empty. Thousands of people have stayed there, mainly ensuring that the infrastructure in both cities keeps functioning. After the explosion in reactor No. 4, reactors 1, 2 and 3 are still active. There are also unofficial inhabitants, including people who used to live in the city and have chosen to stay there. They have settled in villages that were evacuated after the accident. The exact number of people is unknown.

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