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Select Private Houses in Cuba (103 in Havana City and 159 in all the country) To make the Private House Reservation (in one Cuba Province) To make the Private House Reservation (more than one Cuba Province) Our Offers Show Cuban City Maps and Turistical and Historical Information Show Cuban PLACES 384 (important Places of Havana City and 473 of all the country) or Turistic and Historical Information by Province CUBA MUSIC. The best of our Cuba Music SITE MAP. Will show you the structure of this Web Site and would be very important in the use More Testimonies Write to us! Frecuently Answers & Questions
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Click for ampliance Me ha sido muy útil porque con esta página he encontrado lo que necesitaba, Bernardo Mujica, Angola, 26/05/2005 09:45:05 a.m.
Click for ampliance Me hospedé en Villa Llerena y ha sido fantástico, Vladimir, El Salvador, 12/01/2006 08:03:22 a.m.
Click for ampliance Ich empfehle Ihnen, die Web Site INFOCUBA zu sehen und das Haus Villa Llerena zu mieten., Claudio Henrichman, Germany, 13/04/2005 07:57:22 a.m.
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La pagina e molto bella e ha molte case buona, Andrea Torrini, Italia, 18/04/2005 20:57:22 a.m.
Click for ampliance This Web Page is the best I have ever seen, Perl Elias Henriksen, Norway, 16/05/2005 17:45:05 a.m.
Click for ampliance My experience with NFOCUBA has been magnificent. Karina. Norway. 16/03/2006
Click for ampliance Villa Llerena e molto bella, Gino, Italia
Click for ampliance Il propretario di Villa Llerena é bonissimo. Horacio, Italia
Click for ampliance Reingrazo a Giorgio di Villa Llerena. Danielle, Italia
Click for ampliance Anche lo stesso dell mio figlio. Mama di Danielle, Italia
Click for ampliance Molto benne, avanti Giorgio. Corrado Podda, Italia, 20/04/2006
Click for ampliance Me he sentido muy bien con los dueños de Villa Llerena y su casa, regresaré otra vez.Gonzalo, Perú
Click for ampliance It's a nice Web Page. Holanda
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Me he sentido muy bien en Villa Llerena, se lo recomiendo. Erika Obando, Honduras, 10/06/2006
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I felt here very well, I can recommend you this house., Lavern Patricia Bodden, Gran Caiman, 10/06/2006
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It was a beautiful trip, Come to Cuba and enjoy it !, Pascal Jean Simon, Canada, 06/12/2006
Click for ampliance Cuba is very nice and has a lot to offer you. John Parker, Irlanda, 10/11/2006
Click for ampliance Nice Travel. William McCourty, 08/12/2008
Click for ampliance Cuba nos gusta mucho y su pueblo también. Magnífico trato. Wolf Ruvinkis e Itzel Nava Lara, Mexico, 15/02/2009

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