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In the flatness of Havana province we find Ariguanabo river. It is the agricultural support of Havana City. Its fields with red lands, cultivated with viands, fruits, sugar cane or tobacco offer to the view, different greens tonalities; near or far, alone or in groups, it´s possible to find the Royal Palm Tree (Palma Real), the queen of the cuban farm. Havana province is practically surrounding Havana City (the capital of the country).

In this province in the same way to Matanzas Jibacoa and Arroyo Bermejo beaches, with beatiful touristy facilities. You can get there through Via Monumental.

Habana Province has the following Municipalities :

Alquizar, Melena de Sur, Güira de Melena, San Antonio de los Baños, Bejucal, Bauta, Caimito, Quivican, San Nicolás de Bari, Güines, San José de las Lajas, Madruga, Nueva Paz, Mariel, Artemisa, Güanajay, Batabanó, Jaruco and Santa Cruz del Norte.

In the Western side of Havana City there are Baracoa and Salado beaches. These are beaches with a lower category than the Eastern Beaches, but Baracoa beach is nearer than Eastern beaches (taking as reference Playa municipality).

The cattle breeding is really developed in this province. There are big collective farms (granjas) as : El Valle de Picadura, Los Naranjos and Niña Bonita.

In the fisher town of Santa Cruz del Norte, we can find the biggest factory of cuban rum : la ronera Santa Cruz, where there is produced the famous rum "Havana Club".

In San Antonio de los Baños town is celebrated every two years the Humour Biennial (Bienal del Humor) in memory of Marcos Behemaras (humorist of Havana). These are days of funny stories, caricatures and songs.

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