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The village had the first settlement in the south coast at the region known as Batabano in 1514. It was a swampy area and people decided to move it to the bank of the river Almendares (former La Chorrera), and finally on 16th November 1519 was stablished officially in the place nowadays is.

Morro CastleForty years later the village was declared capital of Cuba. Its port became the obligatory arrival place for the european ships in order to supply and defend themselves against pirates and corsairs attacks. From there with their cargo full of gold and silver they sailed to Spain in convoys. The naval transit made possible a succesfull trade, that in a little period of time was favourable for the village, developing its economy more than the others city of the country. The cuban capital concentrates the maximal functions of the state and the government. Its industries produce a powerful effect in the national economy. The Havana Port (Puerto de la Habana) is the most important in the country. Through this port more than the half of cuban importations and exportations came in and out. Havana City (Ciudad de la Habana) is the national capital.

The Municipalities (Municipios) in Havana City are :

Playa, Plaza de la Revolucion, Centro Habana, Habana Vieja (Old Havana), Habana del Este, Marianao, La Lisa, 10 de Octubre, Cerro, Boyeros, Arroyo Naranjo, Regla, Guanabacoa, Cotorro and San Miguel del Padron.

See the Map of the Municipalities of Ciudad Habana Province See the Map of the Municipalities of Ciudad Habana Province

To see Cuban Cities Maps See Cuban Cities Map


"Eastern beaches (Playas del Este)" (Santa Maria, Boca Ciega, Guanabo,.... beaches)

Information and Sights of Playas del Este

"La Bodeguita del Medio" and Floridita Bar-Restaurant

Informations and Sights of Bodeguita del Medio Informations and Sights of Floridita

"Plaza de la Catedral" in historical centre

Informations and Sights of Plaza de la Catedral (Historical part)

"La Catedral" de la Habana

Informations and Sights of La Catedral de la Habana

"El Capitolio"

Informations and Sights of El Capitolio

El "Castillo del Morro" and "La Cabaña" fortress every day at 9:00 p.m.

Informations and Sights of  Castillo del Morro Informations and Sights of Fortaleza de la Cabaña

"La Rampa"

Sights of La Rampa

El Malecon

Informations and Sights of  Malecón

"Jose Marti" monument in "Plaza de la Revolucion" square

Informations and Sights of Monumento José Martí en la Plaza de la Revolución

The University of Havana

Informations and Sights of Universidad de la Habana

The "Colon Cemetery"

Informations and Sights of Cementerio de Colón Informations and Sights of Cementerio de Colón

The "Music House" (Casa de la Musica) of Playa

Informations and Sights of Casa de la Música de Playa


The Cabaret of "Tropicana"

Informations and Sights of Cabaret Tropicana

The Touristic Complex "Dos Gardenias"

Views of Dos Gardenias

"Marina Hemingway"

Informations and Sights of Marina Hemingway


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